Cooperation in the Russian Import Phase-out Program

Since 2014 an import phase-out program has been launched in Russia. As a part of this program, in cooperation with the Russian Railways (RZD) and the Russian company “TPK Rada” we developed a de-icing liquid intended to icing prevention for high-speed trains “Sapsan”, “Lastochka” (“Swallow”) and others with the speed over 150 km/h.

Anti-icing Railways De-icing Déneigement Antigivre trains

We used the parameters of the de-icing liquid “Kilfrost TDIce Plus” manufactured by the company “Kilfrost Ltd” as a stating-point for our development. The main requirements were the following:

  • eco-friendly manufacturing and exploitation;
  • the lowest parameters shall be higher than the ones of “Kilfrost TDIce Plus”;
  • raw materials shall be of Russian origin and of completely Russian-based manufacturing.

The development have taken about one year. The first test was carried out in December 2015.

The de-icing liquid was named “DeIce Train» ™. The laboratory tests took place in the Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology on the plant developed by the Institute with a simulated speed of 150-260 km/h at the temperatures from 0ºС upto -80 ºС.

The tests confirmed the initial calculations:

  • double melting capacity comparing with the “Kilfrost TDIce Plus”;
  • logarithmically increasing viscosity under reducing temperature due to potassium format composing the liquid;
  • crystallization temperature of a 50% solution is -50 ºС.

Being used on the installation “NORDIC”, our de-icing liquid forms a thin film on a treated surface. This film increases strongly the viscosity. Potassium format destructs a three-dimensional structure of ice and snow preventing thereby formation and accumulation of ice and snow on the surface.


Anti-icing Railways De-icing Déneigement Antigivre trains

In January 2016 in-situ tests on two electric trains “Sapsan” confirmed completely a high performance of our de-icing liquid: carriages treated by our de-icing liquid passed without snow adhesion from Saint-Petersburg to Moscow upon temperature variations from 5ºС down to minus 20ºС and under heavy snow cover.

On arrival bogies of the carriages treated with our product were covered with a thin film of hoar frost instead of ice or snow. At the same time the liquid “Kilfrost TDIce Plus” assumed half of this distance only without retaining the protection film.

Taking into account huge needs of the Russian Railways for various chemicals, our cooperation with them expands and becomes a strategic area of our company.

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